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Vintage Paintbox Society
Contact Us Page
Membership Rules

The Vintage Paintbox Society has three membership categories

  1. Associates this membership is free and after registration
you can view all the website

2) Full  Members  for which there is a small annual fee
Members get additional advantages over Associates in that they get a discount
from the website articles purchased from the Society
"for sale"  page ,  they can also sell their items through
the Society pages and also place up two items on
the "Items Wanted" pages  .

3) Trade Members  for which there is an annual fee and items can be advertised on
the Society pages ( conditions apply)

1.1  Any person may purchase from the Society Pages

1.2  Only Members ( Full or Trade) may have their items advertised on the Society Pages

1.3     No " traders" or " dealers " can become Full  Members though they may join as 
Trade Members  and they may offer items for sale through the Society Pages ( conditions apply)

Auctions. There are many auctions and members or associates who find an  auction or source of interest may submit details of this to the Society for general circulation . If you are going to bid " Keep it to yourself" but if you are not going to bid  you may pass on the  details to us and in this way everybody benefits. We regret that we may not be able to circulate information if we receive the information LESS than 7 days before the sale date.

The Society may offer " sealed bid "  Auctions from time to time , full details will be given.

Purchases from the website. Brief  Details will be given for each item but for full  details and
further pictures ( if available)  you may contact the Society at
Items will be despatched by an ' Insured and Signed for' delivery service only  or can often be inspected or collected from the member by arrangement
Import duties , taxes and customs formalities for overseas countries will be for the customer to
arrange  . Overseas purchasers MUST contact us before purchase.

Wanted Adverts :These are placed on the site from  Members. If you have anything to offer
correspondence concerning items  should be sent to and will be passed on to the member. At times when there are a lot of wanted notices these will only remain open for up to 3 months.

Payment and Delivery of purchased items. The Society accepts no liability for items that are not described correctly as these descriptions come from our members. The Society will try to ensure that the description is  appropriate and has sufficient detail on which to make a purchasing decision. Please ask for any information before purchase. Items will be insured for the purchase amount for delivery. Items will be despatched either by the seller or from the Society , or collected ,depending on product  location. Payment terms  will be agreed in advance .
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